Agilent-Syntech (7890B-IDAC4)

Charges per sample/type of analysis:

Rs.15,000/- + 18% GST per sample (Companies)
Rs.12,000/-  + 18% GST  per sample (Govt. R&D)
Rs.10,000/-  + 18% GST per sample (Students)

Dr. Kamala Jayanthi P D, ICAR-National Professor, Division of Crop Protection, ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore., 080-23086100 Ext 306


EAD:4-channel USB acquisition controller, micromanipulator, Stimulus controller unit:EAG AND GC/EAD signal recording and analysisProgram:effluent conditioning assembly; Narishige pipette puller for glass Electrode preparation

GC:0 to 60-psi capillary inlet system with EPCfor split/splitless operation, Flame ionization detector (FID) for packed and capillary columns, Open lab CDSChemstation software for control.

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments:

The instrument could be use in discovery of chemical molecule responsible for insect attraction, aggregation, repellence and insect ecological behaviour.

Parameters/analysis that can be analysed in the instrument::

Electrophysiological response recording

User instructions for sample preparation:
  1. The insect specimens should be alive and active for next preparations.
  2. Antennae need to be cut as per desired experimental aim.
  3. The cut antennae need to be fixed on the wire electrode using the conductive gel
  4. The probe to be fixed to the micromanipulator and the allowed to stabilize for few minutes.
  5. The chemical compound eluted from GC column is allowed to flow on to antennae for recording electrophysiological response via recording program.
Parameters that can be analyzed on the instrument/facility:

1. Electro physiological response of insect antennae can be record for various chemical compounds