WATERS Acquity UPLC H-Class, Coupled with Acquity- TQD MS/MS

Charges per sample/type of analysis:

For Industries/commercial companies: Rs. 5000 + GST per sample per profile.

For Govt. R & D labs: Rs 3000 + GST per sample per profile

For students: Rs 1500 + GST per sample per profile. Only top 10 compounds of the chromatograph will be identified or the mass will be given.

Dr. A.N. Lokesha,Technical Officer, Division of Basic Sciences, Email: saif.iihr@icar.gov.in, Ph: +91-80-23086100 Extn: 247 / 236


Pressure can be hold up-to 15000 psi, with flow from 0.05 ml to 0.5 ml/min PDA Detector 190nm -900nm

MS/MS Mass range scan 20amu to 2000 amu, with electro spray ionization of ESI+ and ESI-, APCI+ and APCI-

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments:

To measure the molecular wt. and their fragmentation of unknown compounds. Plants Metabolomics and phytochemicals identifications and quantification by injecting through UPLC or by direct insertion to MS/MS.

Parameters/analysis that can be analysed in the instrument::

Profiling and estimation of Phenolic acids, Flavonoids, Amino acids, Polyamines, Water and Fat soluble vitamins, Plant Hormones, Organic acids, Anthocyanins, Sugars etc.

User instructions for sample preparation:

Extraction should be done as per the standard published methodology for individual groups of compounds. A minimum of 2 ml of the extract can be sent for the LC-MS analysis. If solid samples (Plant samples/mushrooms only) are to be sent then a minimum of 10 g is needed.