Elementar Vario Micro Cube (Germany)

Charges per sample/type of analysis:

Rs. 3,000/- + 18% GST per sample (Companies)
Rs. 2,000/-  + 18% GST  per sample (Govt. R&D)
Rs. 1,000/-  + 18% GST per sample (Students)

Dr. G. Selvakumar, Principal Scientist, Division of Natural Resources, ICAR- IIHR, Bengaluru-560089 E-mail : Selvakumar.G@icar.gov.in Contact No. +91-80-23086100 Ext. 328


High temperature combustion: quantitative sample digestion at up to 1200 °C (1800 °C at the point of combustion when tin foil is used). This is the prerequisite for 100% recovery also with samples difficult to combust. Jet injection of oxygen directly to the sample leads to highest oxygen concentrations at the point of combustion and low gas consumption. Largest weighing range: from micro (<1 mg) to macro (800 mg soil) sample weight, depending on requirements up to 20 mg organic matter. Temperature programmed Desorption (TPD): Separation of gaseous components with one TPD column for perfect separation without peak overlap. Automated optimization

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments:

The analysis only takes a few minutes, no aggressive or toxic chemicals are used, Helium carrier gas.

User instructions for sample preparation:

Samples have to dried thoroughly and fine ground to be able to pass through a 0.2 mm sieve.

Parameters that can be analyzed on the instrument/facility:

The equipment can be used for the analysis of CHN and S from soil, compost, plant samples, etc.