Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8040NCI

Charges per sample/type of analysis:

Rs. 5,000/- + 18% GST (Pesticide Residue Analysis)

Dr. Partha Choudhury P, , 080-23086100 Extn 248 


Shimadzu model triple quad GCMS- TQ8040NCI with EI and CI ionization mode

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments:

The equipment can be used for trace analysis of 35 no. of pesticides (standards of which of instruments are available in our lab.) in fruits, vegetable, cereals and water

Parameters/analysis that can be analysed in the instrument::

Trace analysis of pesticides in the instrument

User instructions for sample preparation:

Samples(fruits/vegetables) of 1 kg in polythene packing to be sent and they have to be packed in a box containing dry ice.

Parameters that can be analyzed on the instrument/facility:

Pesticide Residues