Vitek Compact and Mini Vidas

Charges per sample/type of analysis:

RS 1000 + applicable GST

Dr. Ranjitha K., Senior Scientist, Division of Post Harvest Technology, Email:, Contact No.+91-80-23086100, Extn: 377


Rapid system of bacteria and yeast identification through biochemical methods through of instruments the use of specific reagents kits by Biomerieux Inc and screening of food pathogens.

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments:

The equipment is an USFDA approved rapid microbial idenfication system suitable for identifying the bacterial and yeast isolates from food and pharmaceutical environment.

The accessory Mini VIDAS is a rapid pathogen screening system suitable for detection of presence of pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria etc. from foods

Parameters/analysis that can be analysed in the instrument::

Screening of pathogens& identification of microbial isolates in the instrument

User instructions for sample preparation:

1. Pure cultures of isolates for identification

2. Foods in refrigerated containers for pathogen screening

Parameters that can be analyzed on the instrument/facility:

Microbial identification & food pathogen detection instrument/facility