Gamma Chamber 5000

Gamma Chamber 5000

Make and Model:

GAMMA CHAMBER 5000 is a compact, portable, self, - shielded type of a Co-60 Gamma Irradiator. Its design conforms to American National Standards ANSI- N 4~3. L, 1977 for Safe design and use of self contained D1y Source Storage Garruna lrrad1ator (category - I). Atomic Energy Regulato1y Board (AERB), India, approves it as Type B (U) package for safety in transport of radioactive material. It also meets the IAEA regulations for tl1e safe transport of radioactive material as per safety series - 6, l 985(as amended in 1990). The Unit is designed to house 518 Tl3q (14000 Ci) of Cobalt-60 source and it provides An Irradiation volume of about 5000 c.c. Approximately. The doubly encapsulated sealed radioactive sources are used in cylindrical form, which are completely contained in a dry container called flask unit. The sealed sources are shielded at all times and human access to it and the volume undergoing irradiation is not physically possible in its designed configuration. The irradiation chamber is located in vertical shaft (Drawer). The shaft moves up and down with the help of a drive system, which enables exact positioning of the irradiation chamber in the center of the radiation field. Access holes of 8 mm diameter are provided in tl1e vertical shaft for introduction of service sleeves for gases, RTD censer etc. for temperature measurement inside irradiation zone.

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Maximum Co-60 source capacity

   518 TBq (14000 Ci)

 Dose rate at maximum capacity

  ~ 9 kGy/hr (0.9 Mega Rad/hr) 
   at the center of sample chamber

    Dose rate uniformity

   +25% or better radially;
   -25% or better axially

    Irradiation volume

   5000cc approx.

    Size of sample chamber

   17.2cm (dia) X 20.5cm (ht)

    Shielding material

   Lead & stainless steel

    Weight of the unit

   5600 kg. approx.

    Size of unit

   125cm (l) X 106.5cm (w) X 150cm (ht)

    Timer range

   6 seconds onwards

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments

Gamma Chamber is a versatile equipment for research studies in many fields such as:

  • Radiobiology
  • Preservation of tissue grafts
  • Mutation breeding
  • Food preservation
  • Sterile male insect technique
  • Biological and genetic effects of radiations
  • Radiation chemistry
  • Radiation effects on materials
  • Radiation sterilization
  • Modification of properties of materials

Gamma Chamber can also be used in many other research applications which require irradiation of materials with ionizing radiations to varying doses.

Parameters/analysis that can be analysed in the instrument

Irradiation of materials (Plant, Insects, Food etc., ) with ionizing radiations to varying doses

User instructions for sample preparation


Parameters that can be analyzed on the instrument/facility
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