TM3030Plus Scanning Electron Microscope

TM3030Plus Scanning Electron Microscope

Make and Model:

HT7700 Transmission Electron Microscope

TM3030Plus Scanning Electron Microscope

Manufactured by Hitachi Ltd, Japan

With Power backup, computing and Imaging facilities

/ Quantity(

Rs: 1250


15 to 120,000x
Signal select Observation mode
5 kV/15 kV, Back Scattered electrons / Secondary Electron or Mix (30 % BSE: 70% SE) detector With Conductor/ Standard/ Charge-up Reduction modes

Maximum sample size 70 mm diameter.
Auto start, Auto focus, Auto brightness/contrast
Image Size:640x480 pixels, 1,280x960 pixels as BMP, TIFF, JPEG
Auto Micron marker
Turbomolecular pump
Image output in CD/DVD

Highlights of importance and applications of instruments

The Transmission Electron microscope can image viruses and other plant pathogens. It can also image metallic nano particles. upto 300000 times primary magnification This Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope can be used to image structure of bio materials upto 60000 times primary magnification

Parameters/analysis that can be analysed in the instrument

Sample dimensions, Size distribution

User instructions for sample preparation
  1. As the Instrument has Variable Pressure Detector, the samples need to be stuck on 2 sided conducting adhesive copper tape on an aluminium stub. If needed a carbon coat can be done using the Vaccum evaporator to increase controst. Staining using Phospho Tungstic Acid neds to be done for higher magnifications. The imaging can be done immediately.
Parameters that can be analyzed on the instrument/facility

Nano / Miro structure, morphological

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